Announcements #7

The following web portals namely M4maths and Sawaal consist a lot of useful materials which are helpful to prepare for competitive exams, job placements and so on.

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Announcements #4

The following web portal namely Better Explained consists a lot of useful articles through which one can easily understand some of the typical Math concepts.

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Paul’s online Math notes

Prof.Paul’s online math lecture notes available in, is one of the most useful online lecture notes for the first/second year college students those want to study basic concepts in Algebra, Calculus, Ordinary and Partial Differential equations (particularly Laplace Transforms, Boundary value problems, Fourier series) and so on.

click here to read the Prof.Paul’s online lecture notes on Differential equations and kindly surf the portal to acquire much more.

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Interactive Learning#1

Click the following link, to learn the basics of Mathematics in an Interactive and more Interesting way.


Note: The above source contains a lot of useful math articles to students in the form of e-magazine (videos, worksheets and so on) and the website link is added in the useful weblinks column of our portal. LATEST FLASH PLAYER IS REQUIRED TO READ THE E-MAGAZINE.

Math study material #2

Here you can find some collection of useful video lectures to understand the basic concepts of Integration.


1. Integration by parts

2. Integration as summation

3. Integration as the reverse of Differentiation

4. Integration by substitution

5. Integration requiring use of trigonometric identities

6. Integration using partial fractions 01

7. Integration using partial fractions 02

8. Finding areas by Integration

9. Finding volumes by Integration

10. Integration using anti-derivatives

11. Integration that leads to log functions

Math study material #1

Here you can find a collection of good study materials to understand the basic concepts of differentiation and integration.  Also you can download a collection of small booklets containing the facts and formulae  in various branches of Mathematics.  For convenience,  files in a particular topic merged into a single pdf file.


1. Differentiation
2. Integration
3. Facts & Formulae