Why learn Algebra

Here it is an Interesting article tells about the applications of Algebra.

Source:  http://www.mathgoodies.com/articles/why_learn_algebra.html

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Math behind Badminton

Here it is an Interesting article tells about the math behind motion of shuttlecock.

Source:  http://sport.maths.org/content/maths-minute-badminton

Infinity or -1/12

Here it is an Interesting article tells about how the infinite  sum of all the natural numbers is wrongly interpreted.

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Source:  http://www.plus.maths.org

Infinity X Zero = ?

Carefully read the following problem (statements) and write your answer (with justification) in the comment area:


(i) f(t) tends to infinity when t tends to infinity.

(ii) g(t) tends to zero when t tends to infinity.


f(t).g(t) tends to (?) when t tends to infinity.

where f(t) and g(t) are real valued functions.

Options: (a) Infinity (b) Zero (c) Infinity or zero depending up on the functions (d) some finite non zero number.

Interactive Learning#1

Click the following link, to learn the basics of Mathematics in an Interactive and more Interesting way.


Source: http://math.scholastic.com/

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Theory of Uncertainity

Kindly read the following questions and give your solutions \ ideas in the comment area.

  1. Can we find the exact weight (mass x gravity) of an object.
  2. Even if we can find the exact weight, is it true that the weight of an object is same in all the places at all the times (in planet Earth).
  3. Can we find the exact temperature of a body.
  4. Can we tell the exact time at a particular instance.
  5. Is there any relation between the real life and the real line.
  6. Is infinity (the number), the God particle.