Announcements #7

The following web portals namely M4maths and Sawaal consist a lot of useful materials which are helpful to prepare for competitive exams, job placements and so on.

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Fuzzy Tech is an useful software to solve fuzzy logic problems.

Source site:

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Why learn Algebra

Here it is an Interesting article tells about the applications of Algebra.


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Math behind Badminton

Here it is an Interesting article tells about the math behind motion of shuttlecock.


Announcement #6

We are glad to inform that the Volume 2 Issue I of Dr.M.G.R PLANETM Online Journal of Mathematical Sciences has been published on 02-07-2014.   To read the Issue, kindly click the below link:


Infinity or -1/12

Here it is an Interesting article tells about how the infinite  sum of all the natural numbers is wrongly interpreted.

Click here to download the article.


GATE 2014 Q & A

Click the following link to download the 2014 GATE papers (for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science) with Solutions :

Sources: http://www.gateforum.com